Monday, January 3, 2011

RED RABBIT - Issue 1

It wasn't suppose to go down like this. Red thought to himself as the cold metal cuffs were laced around his wrists, while bent over the humming hood of a police car.
Two weeks ago everything changed. It was Rabbit who was to blame. I came only because life was lame. But then again, perhaps this man, the entire time, was deranged. Red's thoughts continued as his slight struggle from memories past, were repaid with a hand to his face that nearly ripped off his ruby red mask.

The rain was coming now, he felt it drip through his short blond hair. It was a hopeless affair. What to do? He thought. His batons would serve no good against mace and guns. This wasn't any fun.

Then he came from out of the blue as sure as he knew, that deranged man whom he followed to here. Just moments ago another arrest was near. But no, this man like his namesake, was fast and uncatchable. As Red laid on the hood in his cuffs this man was unbeatable as his whipped them both cops one handed with something shinny and new.

Then quick with a pick the man fiddled the locks, and with a click and a flip, Red was free to return to his flock.

That is, if he had one.

There was no time to think only time to act, so Red grabbed up his pack and followed the Rabbit. This lanky man, equal to Red's height had long hair ponytailed under a brim hat. His hat was grey, his mask dark too, he couldn't tell the color hue. Too bad Red didn't think in clothing the same in his red, purple, blue, and maroon. Rabbit's clothes were suitable for all terain, never to aim for specifics, always ambiguous. Red was more a proper gentlemen in slacks and collared shirt, he didn't know how badly he might have been hurt, when he fell from a roof only ten minute ago.

No wonder he felt so low.

But despite his present state of mind he wouldn't let go of Rabbit's behind. Not in that way you silly fool, despite Rabbits agility Red had it too, perhaps a little slower but strength got him through. Over a wall of under a landing, this chase was like candy. Sweet and exhilarating and made you ever so free, it might only be complete with some tea.

After half an hour in the chase the Rabbit finally stopped in haste. He turned on his heal and say with a stern tone "Why can't you just leave me alone? Haven't I done enough for you man? Wait, why do you have a can?"

It was true, Red got hungry along the way, but damn it a man needs to eat someday. Quickly he scared down the chopped pears then shook out his hair.

"You saved me Rabbit, I cannot repay, unless I stick with you all the way."

"Why call me Rabbit?" Asked the man in black.

"Because of the mask that you wear by habit" said the well dressed man wearing a sack.

"But this mask is a cat. Hate to tell ya, get educated and maybe I'll take yeah."

Red thought a moment and hadn't seen the whiskers upon the cat face of Rabbit. Not like there was time to observe such things damn it. "Well, to tell you the truth I like Rabbit better. So if I stick with you you'd better get used to it, or we'll get wetter."

Rabbit shook his head and tried to leave, but Red quick blocked his path. Freedom was on his mind and not to be tied with this fool who couldn't tell one animal from another. Without warning the shinny baton snapped out like lightning and hit Red like a snake that was biting. It stung for a moment but Rabbit was surprised when Red didn't go down, like other men he managed to demise.

Rabbit tried again, this time for the neck. But Red was onto his game and he was going to give him heck. He ducked the strike and swept the leg. Rabbit stumbled as he dodged and landed on concrete that was as slippery as the inside of an egg. Abruptly Red came right at him, charged him like a moose, at least the others before him tried to be footloose. But Red was tenacious and knocked into Rabbit and they both careened down between the walls and into the street, dag-nabit.

Both young men crashed to the ground with a smash that couldn't break even the strongest of glass. Their bones hurt and knees bruised. It had been a long night on the turf they called Belcruise. Rabbit, unfortunately had hit his head on the way down, but Red somehow was up from the ground. Quickly Rabbit pulled out a gun. Red looked like he might run.

That is until he was shot, but not by a bullet. Not one of metal anyway; one of pink and green, it was full of it. The neck it got on Red who was a wreck but now he too was to the floor and inside had dread.

Red and Rabbit laid in the alley, both men too tired to scurry. The night was passing but far from over. Rabbit still had to find the man named Clover.

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