Thursday, January 22, 2015

Development Journal - James Kesumare - Pt 3

I ended up creating other elements independently such as belts or the chest device that you see him wearing by the end as trying to mold them out of the body would be damn near impossible. I also wanted to challenge myself to create things from scratch and I think I did a fairly good job interpreting what I had in my mind and putting that into a 3-D space.

The biggest challenge at this stage of game for me was the face. I decided I was going to attach a face based on Ewan McGregor that I modeled from some reference images. That turned out to be quite a large undertaking. Although in the end I did it, I'm not really satisfied with the results. I will probably end up replacing the entire head on my next test. I'll also be replacing the hair using the Hair tool, which I did not have much experience messing with at this time.

Comparing the reference image I had created last year for the proposal for the series to the 3-D model I created, all things considered, I think it turned out rather well. The colors, Or materials, that you see for the character are placeholder at best. They give the basic color but there's no texture or any type of intricate design. On my next wave I'll be adding those in once I have had time to experiment with creating materials are finding suitable replacements.

I ended with importing his weapon after I was finished with the model. It was the first object I created, also based off the reference image you see. After approximating the size in relation to the character I decided to leave it at that and call it done, for now.

Final Image:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Development Journal - James Kesumare - Pt. 2

The models I'll be working on are prototype material. What this means that I'll be borrowing from a lot of different messages I find online, though I will also be building stuff from scratch such as any custom gear like weaponry or gadgets, and get a good idea of what the character should look like. They won't be what you see for the trailer, as by that time it will have gone through more revisions by that time.

I started with a blank slate of a male figure. The idea was to find clothing that I did not feel comfortable creating myself since this was my very first character made in Cinema 4D. I also decided that his clothes will not be independent of his movements, except for his jacket might have different parts swing independently from the rest of his body. And possibly any custom gear I have to create. So my goal from the get-go was to fin a jacket to modify, and have the main body mesh have his shirt, pants, gloves, and boots.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Development Journal - James Kesumare - Pt. 1

The End Begins is an animated series I've been developing for many, many years. It's been a screenplay, a novel, TV series, going back-and-forth between different iterations over the last few years. Most recently, as of three years ago, it became a novel that I released for free online.I made no money, but that wasn't the point. It was a trying time and I needed a creative outlet and it always seems I go back to this story, these characters, this universe, when I need to work or something familiar. 

I've been sitting on the series for about a year and a half, trying to develop the project to pitch series. But lack of funds as well as time up till now have let me to hold off those plans. But I've been learning Cinema 4D for last few weeks and of course the first thing I try to replicate with it is the series. So I have written up a 2 to 2 1/2 minute trailer based on the series and will be doing just about every aspect of character and environment design down to characters environment and so on. I plan to do motion capture for the actual animation, to help speed things up when we are able to do so. Also to give more lifelike movement.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the progress pictures of one of the main characters, James Kesumare (Ke-Sue-Mare). He's one of those characters that's stuck with me for a long long time. I know him so well, I don't really have to do a lot of guessing as to what he looks like.

In fact, I even have a reference image I had commissioned last year to base my work off of. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Development Journal - Introduction

I decided that I need to keep some record of my progress on project I am working on this year, if for anything to remind me that I am, in fact, doing (lots) of things.

This also help keep tabs on where I am for those of you our there interested in what I am doing. I'm seldom stagnant, I usually always have something going on.

With that said, I'll begin with the development of my first 3D character for a pilot I am working on.

I an scheduling post for the next couple days on my work, with pics included.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Video Reel and Professional Page Links Added and More House Cleaning

Finally created and added my video reel to the page, as well as added a screenwriting page as well (forgot I had left that out during the refurbishing). Also added links to my other professional pages and more house cleaning!

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